Dental Treatment Fees at Heaton Moor Dental


Dental Treatment Costs at Heaton Moor Dental

At Heaton Moor Dental in Stockport we want you to understand your treatment options and your treatment costs. We are an Independent practice and so have no constraints as with NHS as to the treatments available. This means we can offer you the very best of treatments with the very best of outcomes.


You may receive several options for treatment and your dentist will discuss all the benefits of each treatment plus the price and time scales to expect too. You will receive a printed estimate of all your treatment costs and you will be given ample opportunity to discuss any aspects again before commencing treatment. We want our patients to be involved in their treatment choices and understand all their options.


We are delighted to be able to offer our dental treatment fee list as a download, please click the image to download our current price list in PDF format.

Routine Examinations With X-Rays

  • Adult Examination

    including x-rays

  • Child Examination (13 - 18)

    including x-rays

  • Child Examination (7 - 12)

    including x-rays

  • Child Examination (under 6)

    including x-rays


Routine Examinations

  • Adult Examination

  • Child Examination (13 - 18)

  • Child Examination (7 - 12)

  • Child Examination (under 6)


Hygiene Appointments

  • 20min Hygienist Appointment

  • 45min Hygienist Appointment



  • Baby Teeth

  • Fissure sealants

  • Metal Amalgam Fillings

    small (single surface)

  • Metal Amalgam Fillings

    medium (2 surface)

  • Metal Amalgam Fillings

    large (3 surface)

  • Composite (tooth coloured)


  • Composite (tooth coloured)


  • Composite (tooth coloured)


  • Composite artistry



  • Routine Extraction

  • Surgical Extraction



  • Root Canal Treatment

    incisors and canine

  • Root Canal Treatment


  • Root Canal Treatment



Crowns, Inlays & Onlays

  • Metal Alloy

  • Metal Ceramic

  • All Ceramic

  • Gold 60%


Cosmetic Veneers

  • Single Veneer



  • Complete denture (single)

  • Partial Acrylic Denture 1-3 teeth

  • Partial Acrylic Denture 4+ teeth

  • Chrome Denture


Sports/Bite Guards

  • Hard Bite Guard

  • Sports Guard

  • Soft Bite Guard


Teeth Whitening

  • Home Whitening

  • Enlighten System


Dental Implants

  • Single Implant


Dental Bridges

  • Adhesive Bridge

    per unit

  • Conventional Bridge

    per unit



  • Teeth Straightening

    From £1800.00

Dermal Fillers

  • First Syringe

  • Addition Syringe

  • Lips



  • 1 Area

  • 2 Areas

  • 3 Areas



  • Emergency Appointment

    Including x-rays


Out Of Hours

  • Out Of Hours Fee


Membership Plans

Family Plan- £35.00 per month
Two parents and two children will receive the benefits as laid out in the individual age plans below. In a family of five or more, additional siblings will pay as per their age plan.


Adult Plan – £12.00 per month
Two dental checks-ups with your dentist each year and two visits to your dental hygienist each year. Allows a discount of 10% off dental treatment prices (excludes dental implants & orthodontics treatment)


Teen Plan – £8.00 per month for children aged 13-18 yrs
For older children, whose parents are patients of the practice. This will also include two yearly visits to the dentist and the dental hygienist as above. Allows a discount of 20% off dental treatment prices (excludes dental implants & orthodontics).


Child Plan – £4.00 per month for children aged 7-12 yrs
For children, whose parents are patients of the practice. This will include two yearly visits to the dentist and one visit to the dental hygienist for oral health advice. Allows a discount of 50% off dental treatment prices.


Infant Plan – Under 6yrs
For our younger patients, whose parents are patients of the practice. Younger children will receive free examinations, oral hygiene and fluoride application. Allows for a discount 50% off other dental treatments if required.

Please visit our Dental Maintenance Payment Plan page for more detailed information.

To register with the practice please follow the link to be directed to our contact page or call 0161 637 4041