Cleaning Your Teeth


Dental Hygiene at Heaton Moor Dental

Prevention of dental disease is at the heart of our ethos at Heaton Moor Dental in Stockport. Our dentists and dental hygienist work closely together to be able to provide you with a personalised preventive plan. No two patients are the same and no two plans will be the same.


Our dental hygienist will help you find the right way for you to keep your teeth free of plaque and build up to help prevent both gum disease and tooth decay. She will also clean your teeth and remove deposits and if necessary provide gum disease treatments too.


At the end of your appointment she will polish your teeth and perhaps apply preventive treatments such as fluoride or gum disease treatments. You will receive the right care for you to enable optimal dental health.

Scale & Polish

After assessing your gum health, our dental hygienist will clean all the deposits or plaque or calculus off your teeth and then polish your teeth. Some patients can find this quite sensitive so to reassure you we have the latest in technology in cleansing equipment. Our ultrasonic cleaners are very gentle and you will appreciate how comfortable this treatment can be.


We can also polish your tooth using the latest air polisher technology for your comfort and convenience. This is like a jet wash for teeth with a very gentle yet powerful jet that can leave teeth sparkling and feeling so smooth too.

Gum Disease Prevention

During your visit to the dental hygienist you will receive preventive dental care in the form of:-


  • Education – Tooth Brush Instruction.
  • Advice on which interdental cleansing method to use.
  • Advice on which toothpaste to use and the level of fluoride that should be in it.
  • Discussion about diet, this is particularly important if you have a history of new decay as an adult.


The dental hygienist will also discuss your own medical health and if that impacts on gum disease or not and what to do about it.


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