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Dental Implants in Stockport

Natural teeth can be lost through trauma and dental disease. To date there is nothing that can match mother nature. The options for missing teeth tend to include a denture, a bridge, or a dental implant.

What are some of the problems I may face if there is a gap in my teeth?

The first, and most common concern is the lack of a tooth present. For some people, this may affect their appearance and how comfortable they feel speaking, smiling and socialising with others. Depending on where in the mouth the tooth has been lost, it may be difficult eating certain food as there may not be enough teeth or tooth surface to bite on.

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Unfortunately, the loss of a tooth can also affect the neighbouring teeth as a space has been created, allow the nearby teeth to move into this space. There may be some shifting from the adjacent teeth as well as some overeruption from the tooth above.

When would I consider a dental implant?

Implants can be used to:

  • Replace a single missing tooth
  • Replace several teeth to retain a bridge or loose dentures.

Benefits of a dental implant

The key benefit to an implant is does not alter the healthy adjacent teeth. An implant is generally made of titanium, which is a metal used in various aspects of medicine, well known for its excellent healing properties in the human body. The implant acts similar to a tooth root and is directly anchored within the jawbone so it can provide permanent support to a crown providing completely natural results. By acting like a tooth root, implants can also prevent bone loss and stimulate new bone growth, providing support to your facial structure. One of the most common complaints associated with tooth loss/denture wearers in having to modify what you eat due to an ineffective bite or loose denture. Dental implants are permanently fitted and once stable, should not limit what you eat or drink. In the long run, dental implants are a cost-effective option as other treatments may need regular replacement. If taken care of correctly, dental implants can indeed last a lifetime.

How do I go about getting dental implants to replace missing teeth?

A dental implant requires careful planning prior to its placement. An initial consultation with a 3D scan will be required to ensure we have all the information necessary before proceeding to the next stages. Our surgical lead, Lynn Darlington would be happy to discuss any details or queries surrounding dental implants.

If you would like further information, please contact our Dental Implant Clinic in Stockport by emailing: or telephone 0161 637 4041.

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