Want to know more about Tooth Whitening?


There are many causes of tooth discolouration, a few are:

  • staining from foods and drinks
  • internal tooth issues
  • decay and old filling materials
  • smoking
  • enamel deficiencies that you may have been born with
  • changes in the colour due to medications taken as a child

It is important to diagnose the cause of the discolouration before an appropriate treatment can be prescribed, which may be simply stain removal with a dental hygiene appointment or it may involve the rejuvenation of older crowns and fillings.

Teeth whitening can only whiten teeth and does not work on filling materials or crowns.

The tooth whitening process may also take slightly longer for heavily discoloured teeth.

Tooth whitening is generally a safe treatment when carried out by dental professionals, with a huge amount of procedures carried out worldwide. The main issues, when treating,  tend to be limited to tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. We would provide you with the means to limit these irritations and demonstrate how to use any home whitening products.

There are two systems generally recognised to whiten teeth

  1. A “laser” whitening system carried out for an hour in the practice
  2. Home tray based whitening either over night or day time


One hour light based systems provide merely a boost but used alone cannot produce results similar to tray based tooth whitening used at home. Boutique Whitening is the home based tray teeth whitening product that we prefer to use, with custom made trays that are carefully made for you to use either during the day or at overnight.

In the UK, teeth whitening can only legally be provided by a qualified dentist or therapist under prescription. The teeth whitening products we use at Heaton Moor Dental are limited to 6% hydrogen peroxide. Over the counter products and whitening tooth pastes contain a maximum of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide so their whitening effect is limited.

We would strongly urge anyone thinking of having tooth whitening to have it done by a dental professional. Your teeth are precious so don’t risk damaging them!


At Heaton Moor Dental, our highly-trained team are able to provide guidance and treatments for discoloured teeth. If you would like a brighter, whiter smile, for purely cosmetic reasons we can treat you in our professional, safe and comfortable dental practice. To find out more about Tooth Whitening click here.


Please contact us or call on 0161 637 4041 and take advantage of our current tooth whitening offer of £195.00 here at Heaton Moor Dental.


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